Video and clips of Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate – Giraffe Lodge.

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is a private residential wildlife reserve situated just outside the tourist town of Hoedspruit. Home to a variety of game species, Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is the perfect place to spend some time in nature.  The estate is 680ha in size, with each lodge set on a half hectare stand. Game moves freely between the lodges, so you can either let the wildlife come to you, or go on a game drive on one of the estate’s game drive routes.

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate also has a beautiful wilderness area, allowing guests to go on game drives on the estate itself. Security is strictly monitored through a security gate with 24 hour access control. The estate is located just a few hundred metres outside Hoedspruit, and is close to a number of restaurants, pubs and shops.