Golf in Hoedspruit: nearby Hoedspruit there are two beautiful golf courses. The first one is the Drakensig Golf Club, a 9 + 9 hole green that lies about 3 km away from the city centre. The traditional bush of the area surrounds the course and it opens to a magnificent view on the mountains of the Drakensberg.
The second one is the Hans Merensky, a course of 18 holes, which lies 50 km away from Hoedspruit, immersed in a private reserve that gives home to many different species of animals. Hans Merensky is one of the most popular golf courses in the world and you can easily spot giraffes, gazelles and warthogs roaming undisturbed on the fairway. It is a unique experience having to wait at the putting green as a family of giraffes is passing by just in front of you!

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